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Il Mirto e La Rosa

Restaurant in Palermo
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“Il Mirto e la Rosa” (The Mirth and the Rose) owes its beginning, in 1987, in Palermo, to the enthusiasm and passion for the culinary art. It is an elegant and cosy restaurant that cares for traditional and national tastes, presenting them in an always creative way, and welcomes the customer offering a simple but very accurate service. The restaurant is in the centre of Palermo, a few steps from the historical Hotel “delle Palme”, in an area with a wide range of accommodation. The variety of the menu, the comfort of the place and the great hospitality make of this location a point of reference for good food and sound conviviality lovers.

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Since the early years of its founding, “Il Mirto e la Rosa” has adopted the idea of a vegetarian and healthy menu, giving space to fish and meat dishes only later to meet, with a great success, the more and more pressing requests of its customers. Characterised by a deep research for raw ingredients, above all the local ones, it regards their quality as an essential element to the dishes for its menu composition. Antonella Sgrillo, creator and co-founder of the place, with the cooperation of a large experts staff, does the groundwork for a high quality cooking, built on the vocation for something which is not just a job but represents, under all aspects, an art: Creation and unstopping research for culinary universes to be explored, inventive and amazing flavours combinations and unions to be proposed to enthusiastic and charmed customers.

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The assorted and well-structured menu takes care to thrill the palate and meet the demands of all customers. It has a selection of astonishing dishes, going from the vegetarian section, to meat and fish dishes, to amazing appetizers concluding with a series of tempting and delicious desserts. An always kind and helpful staff is going to suggest and guide you about the dishes most suited for your taste, showing you the best of the savoury world of “Il Mirto e la Rosa”.

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The Mirth and the Rose has been awarded by TripAdvisor with the 2020 Traveler’s Choice Award