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The restaurant Il Mirto e la Rosa (The Myrtle and the Rose) was opened in June 1987 as an iniziative of Mrs. Antonella Sgrillo and of a group of enthusiastic lovers of the vegetarian and hygenic cuisine.

Beeing linked to its original general lines for the first seven years, it opens to the process to join to its proper menu the courses of meet and fish to complete the offer that became necessary following the pressing requests of its proper clients.

Today the restaurant is distinguished by the profound attention to the raw materials, particularly to those to be found in the territory giving to the quality of the ingrediences an essential element, for the creation of the dishes of its menu.

Mrs. Antonella Sgrillo arrives to the cooking by an act of vocation that brought her to give up the teaching career.


A diligent recearcher concerning all the innovations of the world of restoration, combines traditions and innovations revisiting ancient recipes and proposing unusual combinations in a pleasant synthese.
Assisted by a staff trained by herself during the course of the years today she proposes, especially concerning the fish dishes, unexpected combinations.